Brewery´s history

Kotka steam brewery Ltd was founded in 22.8.1895. This thick brick building was designed by architect Alwin Jacobi. Brewery was manufacturing a tasty Ukko-beer. Output was more than 700 000 litres per year. In 1912 Kotka steam brewery was fifthly biggest brewery in Finland of those that manufactured strong beer.
In 1920 steam brewery's share majority changed hands to English Newsk Stearin Company, which intended to shut down beer manufacturing and change building to a large modern soap-, candle- and perfume factory. There is no knowledge what happened to a beer manufacture but anyhow making malt was stopped and factory started produce candles. Since then malts needed to producing beer was bought from Havi Ltd was located in Wyborg. Later Havi Ltd bought brewery and continued beer manufacturing till 1927.
In 1927 share majority changed hands again. Now it was bought by Kyminlaakso co-operative society. Kyminlaakso co-operative society had already soft drink factory which operations was moved to steam brewery. In 1927 part of the building got a new functions. Two lower layers was changed to a sausage factory and upper layers was changed to a joinery shop.
In 1952 brewery got a cold-machines and storing ice stopped. About 1960 the whole machinery was renewed including stockpiling tanks made of steel. Those new fermentation basins capacity was 110 000 litres and stockpiling tanks almost 500 000 litres. In 1950 steam brewery employed 70 persons. Al though Kotka steam brewery was well-known from UKKO-beer it was manufacturing also a large collection of soft drinks.
Mallasjuoma Ltd bought Kotka steam brewery in 1967 to occupy new marketing areas and shut down brewery. Afterwards building has offered home to a metal turning, a garage, a laundry and a furniture rental.
In the 1990's City of Kotka had a trouble with a building witch was lack of repairs. However it's architectural, historical and landscape values was seen.
In September 1991 provincial government received two proposals to preserve this beautiful building. In 1993 building was protected by plan.
Nowadays building is not a trouble, it's a place to be proud of. It's a second old building in Kotka and people are coming to see it, even from abroad.
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