Kotka´s Steambrewery Ltd. brewed UKKO-beer since 1894.

Brewering this very popular beer stopped in Kotka 1967 when Mallasjuomat bought Kotka´s Steambrewery Ltd. and closed down a firm. For the last time an old UKKO-beer was available on 1st of May 1967.

Thirty years gone by before people got again UKKO-beer. The new UKKO-beer was brought to the market Restaurant Keisarinsatama where it became immediately the most favourite beer. Many of those who have tasted old, original UKKO-beer think, that there is a little piece of history in the taste of this new UKKO-beer.
New UKKO-beer is soft-tasting, full-malt lager, brewed with traditional method without additives.