A la Carte Menu

Our delicious and versatile á la carte menu offers delicacy for any desires. Our kitchen is known for generous, fresh and honest portions.

If you follow a specific diet, please let us know about it before making your order!
L = lactose free, M = milk free, G = gluten free, VL = low in lactose
* portions are possible to prepare gluten free.
We use Finnish meat.

€ 6,00

Green Salad with Bread L* veg


€ 6,00

Dagmar's Bruschetta L* veg

levain bread, tomato, garlic, basil

€ 9,50

Parke's Apetizer L*

pastrami, pickled cucumber with mustard, capers, bread

€ 10,00

Scampi of Countess L*

stir fried in olive oil with garlic and red chili, toasted bread

€ 10,50 / 16,50

Orlov's Soup L,G - small/large

creamy lorel soup and salty muffins

€ 12,00 / 18,00

Cesar's Fish Soup L,G - small/large

creamy perch soup, toasted rye bread and butter

€ 10,00 >

Harbour's Salad L

on rich and colorful salad base 10,00 €
with levain bread

with your choise of:
Toasted Chicken 6,50 €
Grilled Salmon 8,00 €
Grilled Sirloin Beef 12,00 €
Feta Cheese 5,00 €

€ 26,00

Tsar's Salmon L,G

grilled salmon, morel sauce, dill potatoes, warm vegetable salad

€ 28,00

Kukouri Bay Pike Perch L*

crisp rye-breaded pike-perch fillet, horseradish butter, potato hash and vegetable salad

€ 26,00

Aleksander's Perch L,G

perch fillet fried in butter, Alexander's sauce, dill potatoes and warm vegetables salad

€ 24,00

Minute Steak L,G

sirloin of beef, savoury butter, french fries and
warm vegetable salad

€ 27,00

Fibeck's Meat Pocket L,G

sirloin of beef filled with cheddar and garlic, red wine sauce, potato wedges and warm vegetable salad

€ 27,00

Brewery's Pepper Steak L,G

sirloin of beef with cheddar and garlic, vegetable salad

€ 27,00

Pork in Nikolai's Way L,G

over cooked pork's 's neck/pluma, BBQ-sauce with corn, french fries and warm vegetable salad

€ 21,00

Baron's Pasta VL

fettuccine with scampi, tomato, garlic, avocado and parmesan

€ 23,00

BBQ Chicken of Keisarinsatama L,G

grilled chicken breast and fruity chili salsa, sweet potato fries, warm vegetable salad

€ 23,00

Chicken of Duchess L*

grilled chicken breast, blackcurrant sauce, potato hash, warm vegetable salad

€ 17,50

Duke's Beef Burger L*

bun filled with 200 g Black Angus hamburger steak, bacon, cheddar cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomato, hamburger dressing, pickle and french fries

€ 17,00

Baron's Chicken Burger L*

bun filled with grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, grilled bell pepper, lettuce, tomato, pineapple and french fries

€ 16,50

Abigail's Vegetable Burger L*

bun filled with beetroot steak, tofu, devil's jam, lettuce, tomato, pickle, quacamole and sweet potato fries

€ 16,00

Maid's Pasta M,G veg

fettuccine, avocado, garlic, tomato, nuts, tofu, coconut cream

€ 7,50

Shipmate's Skewer L,G

meatballs, frankfurters and french fries

€ 7,50

Rafmans' Fishs M,G

grilled salmon with dill potatoes and vegetables

€ 7,50

Sailor's Burger L

bun filled with hamburger steak, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, hamburger dressing, along with french fries

€ 7,50

Captain's Chicken Basket L

corn breaded chicken nuggets with french fries

€ 4,50

Mermaid's Ice Cream L,G

chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, rainbow sugar sprinkles

€ 4,50

Pirate's Ice Cream L

strawberry ice cream, chocolate sauce, rainbow sugar sprinkles, with a waffle

€ 8,50

Maria's Cake L,G

mocca cake

€ 8,00

Imperial Temptation L,G

caramel and chocolate ice cream
chocolate topping and whipped cream

€ 6,00

Anastasia's Sorbet M,G

mojito sorbet

€ 8,00

Tsarina's Parfait L,G

strawberries and limoncello

€ 6,00

Ice Cream of Baroness M,G

mint and chocolate ice cream (vegan)

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